Audiological Services

The Audiological Department is formed by a professional team whose duties include locating the site of lesion, assessing and monitoring the status of client's auditory system, tinnitus counselling, audiology counselling such as information provision and support, making recommendations and referrals and assisting clients to develop appropriate strategies to enhance communication.

No child is ever too young for a hearing test

A hearing loss, if go untreated, may result in speech defects, communication, learning and behavioral problems. Phonak provides hearing assessment services to all age groups including infants, toddlers and young children with autism, behavioral problems, speech delay and handicaps.

Otoacoustic Emissions Test is a test that looks at the mechanical responses of the outer hair cells of the cochlea. It helps to confirm the site of lesion and the presence of a mechanism required for normal functioning of the hearing process. The test can be applied to all age groups including newborns and malingerers. It is non-invasive and can be undertaken whilst the subject is asleep.

Professional Hearing Aid Fitting for all ages

An effective hearing aid fitting programme serves to bring the gift of enhanced hearing to the hearing impaired person. A pair of optimally-fitted hearing aids functions to improve client's speech communication ability and ease communication with their family and friends.

To provide the hearing impaired person with the highest hearing quality possible, Phonak continuously sets new standards in our products and service procedures. We ensure that the hearing aid user is most appropriately fitted through various objective measurements including real ear measurements,electroacoustic measurements, aided threshold testing and tests for Loudness Discomfort. Assessments will be made on the client's communicative ability following aid fitting. Hearing instrument fine tuning, counseling on communication tactics and education issues and hearing rehabilitation will be conducted.

Tinnitus Assessment Service

Tinnitus, affects 10% - 15% of adults in varying degree, has become one of the focuses of need for rehabilitation for the recent 10 years. Through careful study, thorough research and product support, Phonak Hearing Centre Hong Kong has developed a comprehensive tinnitus assessment protocol aimed at building a concrete foundation through assessment for individualized management plan for tinnitus patients. Tests included in the tinnitus assessment protocol include: Comprehensive Medical Case History and Tinnitus Questionnaire, Audiological Assessment, Tinnitus Assessment, - Tinnitus Pitch Matching Test, Minimum Masking Level Test, Most Uncomfortable Level Test, Residual Inhibition Test.

Comprehensive Tinnitus Management Plan

The key to successful tinnitus management is to educate the patient that tinnitus is not an illness of itself; rather, it is a symptom of some underlying disturbance. Thus, the goal of tinnitus management is to make this symptom less intrusive and less distressing. Through a combination of proper education/counselling, amplification and sound enrichment, the patient’s attention will be directed away from their tinnitus. Together with the Venture Platform of hearing aids that offer the function of Tinnitus Balance noise generator, our team at Phonak Hearing Centre Hong Kong will be able to develop an individualized management plan for the tinnitus bothered patients.

One-Stop Cochlear Implantation Service

Phonak Hearing Centre Hong Kong Limited has collaborated with Advanced Bionics Asia Pacific Limited since 2014 to provide people having severe to profound hearing impairment with the one-stop clinical support and rehabilitative services related to cochlear implantation.

Our clinical support team is composed of experienced specialists including otorhinolaryngologists, audiologists, speech therapists and aural rehabilitation specialists. We endeavour to render high-calibre clinical services such as medical and surgical evaluation, audiological and speech assessment, cochlear implant mapping services and psychological consultation so as to assist hearing- and speech-impaired individuals in improving their communication abilities and regaining the joy of life with sounds.

Our centre is equipped with world-class soundproof booth and therapy room that meet the international standards for audiological assessment. Installed with GSI diagnostic clinical audiometers, GSI Audera AEP system specifically for auditory brainstem response and auditory steady-state response testing, FRYE Fonix 8000 hearing aid analyzers and other computerized systems, we aim to offer the best clinical and follow up all-in-one services for all cochlear implant recipients.

Hearing HealthCare Programmes

Over the years, Phonak has designed various hearing healthcare programmes for different sectors of the community, aiming to raise awareness on the importance of hearing health care. Some examples are the Employment Hearing Healthcare Programme (for hearing conservation and noise-induced hearing loss), Elderly Hearing Aid Fitting Programme and Children Hearing Healthcare Programme. Life without hearing will be miserable and we believe precautionary measures and early treatment are the way to go.

Phonak guarantees all round user satisfaction and innovative solutions. With our firm commitment, your quality of life will continue to be assured.