Phonak HK provides state-of-art audiological equipment and consultancy services for the setup of audiological centres, e.g. the use of soundproof room, choice of audiometric and electroacoustic equipment and staff training. Feel free to contact us for more information:


GSI 18™
Screening Audiometer
  • Air Conduction Test : 125Hz to 8000Hz
  • Compact, light-weight design
  • AC line power or battery operated
  • Ideal for schools, elderly organisation and physician’s office for screening audiometry
GSI Pello™
Standard Audiometer
  • AC、BC and Masking test
  • Color display with familiar ergonomic design
  • Noah ® 4 compatiable with GSI Suite software
  • Stand-alone or PC enabled
  • Upgradeable for future needs
GSI AudioStar Pro™
Clinical Audiometer
  • Two channel control
  • Colour LCDs
  • Can operate independently or connected to a computer
  • Air, Bone, masking, sound field tests
  • Special Tests : QuickSIN, BKB-SIN, and TEN (HL)
  • on-Board VRA Control


GSI 39™
Audiometry and Tympanometry Screener
  • Auto Tymp
  • Acoustic Reflex & contra Test (optional)
  • Air audiometry (optional)
  • Memory to store up to 12 test results
  • Built—in printer and Built—in LCD display
GSI TympStar Pro™
  • The most complete middle—ear testing system with the most advanced features
  • Multiple Frequency Tympanometry
  • YBG admittance, Susceptance and Conductance measurement (226Hz, 678Hz & 1K Hz)
  • Acoustic Reflex Threshold testing
  • Wideband Tympanometry
  • Acoustic Reflex Decay testing
  • Eustachian Tube Function testing
  • Touch Screen Display

Otoacoustic Emissions Test System

GSI Corti™ OAE screener
  • Choice of Single-Patient or Multi—Patient system
  • Ideal for universal newborn hearing screening: portable, fast(10secs), non—invasive & easy to use
  • Test Protocol: 4K Hz, 3KHz, 2K Hz at 65/55 dB SPL or user definable (in Multi—Patient only)
  • storage of 250 saves
GSI Novus™ Newborn Hearing Screener
  • Automated Auditory Brain Response (AABR) screening test
  • OAE test (optional)
  • Touch screen display
  • Wireless charging

Electrophysiological Test System

Vivosonic Integrity V500 G2™
Non-sedated ABR System
  • High-Definition ABR Without Sedation
  • Test Wirelessly in any Situation
  • ECochG
  • TEOAE test (optional)
  • DPOAE test (optional)
GSI Audera Pro Clinical Evoked Potential System
  • ABR, ECochG, MLR, LLR , SN10, P300/MMN, eABR, oVEMP, cVEMP
  • ASSR: Binaural Testing, 4 Frequency Simultaneous Testing per ear
  • DPOAE, TEOAE, Spontaneous OAE
  • Test Stimuli: CE-Chirp, CE-Chirp Octave Bands, Speech Stimuli, Click, Tone Bursts

Hearing Aid Analyzer

Audioscan Verifit2 Hearing Aid Analyzer
  • A Hearing Instrument Fitting System with Binaural Platform
  • Designed to test all hearing aids with speed, accuracy and reliability

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry System

Guymark Vision VRA System
  • Simple control
  • remote controlled hand switch footswitch and all necessary cabling
  • Now includes 20 animated clips

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