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Phonak's team of qualified hearing care professionals has been serving in Hong Kong for more than 30 years and is experienced in an array of clinical audiological services, capable of providing One-Stop Hearing Solution, including consultation, hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting and adjustment, ear-impression for custom plugs and earmoulds as well as follow up services.

KAM Ping Kay
KAM Ping Kay
Chairman of the Board, Founder / Managing Director

Mr. Kam Ping Kay attained his Master of Science Degree in Audiology at the University of Southampton in 1982. He is the former chairman and founder member of the Hong Kong Society of Audiology. He has been an Audiologist and the Director of Phonak Hearing Centre HK Ltd. since its opening in 1987, and has previously worked as Audiologist at the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf. He has more than 35 years experience in the field of audiology.

WONG Yuet Sang
WONG Yuet Sang
Clinical Audiologist & Centre in charge of Phonak Kowloon Centre
MSc(Audiology), BSocSc, FHKSA, HKIA

Mr. Wong attained his Master of Science in Audiology and Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong. He is a registered Audiologist in Hong Kong (member of Register of Audiologists accredited by Department of Health). Before joining Phonak, he was engaged in counselling and rehabilitation work in school and clinical settings. He is experienced in counselling children and adolescents with special educational needs.

KOK E-Ching, Eugena
KOK E-Ching, Eugena
Clinical Audiologist & Centre in charge of Phonak Central Centre
MSc(Audiology), BSc(Speech & Hearing), HKSA, HKIA, HKAST

Ms. Kok attained her Master of Science in Audiology from the University of Hong Kong and is a registered Audiologist in Hong Kong. Prior to her master’s degree, she obtained a Bachelor of Sciences in Speech & Hearing Sciences from the same university, and is a qualified Speech Therapist. She has gained valuable clinical experiences during her practice in child assessment centres, public hospital and private hearing aid clinics in both Hong Kong and Australia. She has joined Phonak as an Audiologist since 2020.

YAU Ka Ki, Vincent
YAU Ka Ki, Vincent

Mr. Yau attained his Master of Audiology at the Flinders University in 2018 and has joined Phonak as an Audiologist since 2019. He is also a registered teacher with more than 8 years of teaching experience.

KAM Cheuk Man, Charlie
KAM Cheuk Man, Charlie
Product Support Manager
B.Eng.(UK), IHS(USA)

Mr. Kam attained his Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics from University of Bath. He has joined the Phonak team as a Product Support Manager & Audiology Technician since 2010.

Chan Wing Tung, Cherry
Chan Wing Tung, Cherry
Clinical Audiologist
MRes(Aud), BSc(Hons), HCPC(UK)

Ms. Chan received her Master of Research in Audiology at De Montfort University investigating the association between hearing loss and diabetes. She completed her Bachelor of Healthcare Science in Audiology at the same university in 2016. She worked as an audiologist at a leading NHS hospital trust in London before joining Phonak Hong Kong in 2020.

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